i am in a boat
on an acid based lake

the chemosynthetic fouling organisms
nestle and burrow
making deep and beautiful
tangles of cuts
and weighted caverns
on the underside

the oars are toothpicks
my patience waning

i am not sure i want to
make it back to shore
i am unsure i want my weight
to tangle and cut
through the water
i am sure i see my aging face
reflected in wrinkles and ripples

i am tired
of being told i put myself here
i am sleepy from holding the weight
of the water
with my feet

stress as a motivating force
is another wrinkle

cutting as a motivating force
is another wrinkle
being carved

time is an opportunity
an anxious future vision
propelling me through the water
the smell of the wood dissolving
a beautiful burning carbon musk

the oars cut
i am dizzy
i want to sleep


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